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Welcome to our hotel, a place where hospitality meets inclusivity. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide an exceptional experience for all our guests, we are thrilled to announce our partnerships with two cutting-edge accessibility platforms.

For our visually-impaired guests, we’ve teamed up with Evelity, an innovative system that offers step-by-step navigation, multi-language support, and an engaging audio description of our rooms and services, empowering you to navigate our hotel with confidence and independence. We’ve also collaborated with Evenly, an inclusion-tech platform that breaks down communication barriers for our deaf and hard-of-hearing guests. Through real-time translations and an intuitive user interface, Evenly ensures seamless communication with our staff and services. We firmly believe that everyone should enjoy effortless access to our amenities and services, regardless of their physical abilities or language proficiency. We are proud to lead the way in delivering a fully accessible and highly inclusive hotel experience.

Join us, as we redefine hospitality in Athens, embracing diversity and championing inclusivity for all.

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We are proud of our world-class Crowne Plaza Athens City Centre standards. Our hotel encompasses a vibrant mix of colorful local elements and luxury international standards, while our operations are carried out with a focus on environmental sustainability

Crowne Plaza Athens City Centre situated in Athens Greece, is the hotel that will surpass your expectations both in quality of service and in quality of accommodation.


Crowne Plaza Athens City Centre offers upscale accommodation in the heart of Athens. With stylish rooms, modern amenities, and stunning city views, it’s the perfect base for exploring the historic capital of Greece. Enjoy comfort, convenience, and Greek hospitality during your stay. Choose between Standard Rooms, Premium Rooms or Suites, all with above average amenities and services.


Each plate is a masterpiece, thoughtfully presented to delight your senses. From delicate appetizers to decadent desserts, our menu is a symphony of taste and texture, paired with an extensive wine list featuring the most prestigious labels. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a celebratory occasion, or simply a desire for gastronomic excellence, our fine dining restaurant promises an unforgettable journey through culinary excellence.


In today’s fast passed lifestyle, relaxation and wellbeing have become a necessity. This is why in Crowne Plaza Athens City Centre we offer a modern gym and a variety of massage and spa treatments that complement and enhance the lifestyle of guests who are always on the run. The 90-minute hot stones massage, for example, is an excellent way to relieve stress, while Thai Yoga will relax and energize you.

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