Greek mythology regards ambrosia as the food of the gods and is associated with immortality and wellbeing. At the Crowne Plaza, the Ambrosia restaurant boasts a carefully devised gastronomic menu that also imparts wellbeing and enjoyment of a sumptuous variety of dishes. It is the crossroads of Greek ingredients, Mediterranean tastes and French knowhow that have given birth to a refreshing menu bursting with flavor. Indeed, the Ambrosia is where hearty local ingredients like quality feta cheese, virgin olive oil, fine lamb, sun-kissed Greek vegetables and tender white fish have married together with other exotic flavors such as hazelnut oil, sesame seeds, rosemary, pumpkin, mint, asparagus, oyster mushrooms and fennel cream.

While meat eaters can eat well at this eclectic restaurant, vegetarians will revel in the panoply of choices and the health conscious will delight in the specially prepared gourmet selection of light dishes. Appetizers, salads, soups, pasta and a well-studied offering of main dishes will convert you into a regular customer at the Ambrosia.

Lastly, a dip into the dessert menu is highly recommended. Caramelized tarte with chocolate and mango mousse, waffle topped with ice cream, chocolate soufflé and local honey-nut cake are among the many favorites that reward those with a sweet tooth.

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